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Level of Choreography Complexity

I = Minimal complexity in choreography, more reps of individual moves
II = Moderate complexity, moderate length/number of combinations
III = Multiple advanced, intricate combinations of movements

Welcome to Seattle's premier fitness studio and conditioning club--selected the "Best Studio in the Northwest" and one of the "Top 10 in the Country". Our spacious studios feature high ceilings, natural lighting, suspended wood floors, full length mirrors and excellent sound systems. Our gyms are fully equipped with the latest and best in weight training and cardio equipment. Our casual atmosphere, no initiation fees or dues, and reciprocal memberships give you complete flexibility to develop your own workout schedule to suit your changing needs.

We take pride in our fitness classes at ProRobics. Our continuing goal is to offer you the most complete selection of workout options in the city. We specialize in workouts that are either dance-based, with challenging, intricate choreography or sports-based with less or no choreography. Many workouts successfully integrate both. Best of all, every class is taught with the highest level of instruction to help you have an enjoyable and result-focused workout.

We strongly believe that the INTENSITY of your workout is dependent on your ability to perform the moves. We have therefore listed a (Level of Choreography Complexity) next to each class. This will help you choose the best place to begin or continue your lifetime of fitness. We hope you take advantage of our great selection of classes and talented instructors and sample everything we have to offer.

"Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve and to instill the value and importance of health and fitness."

Kari Anderson

Class Descriptions

Abs Only (15 minutes)
Sweet and intense!  Pure abdominal core work focusing on the abdominal and low back muscles.  A must for anyone wanting to improve torso strength, endurance and posture.  Your entire fitness program will benefit from this time-efficient commitment!

BootCamp HIT (high-intensity interval training)  (I)  
Blast through an hour of power in Boot Camp HIT.  A high-intensity interval training workout using a variety of equipment combined with athletic movement designed to keep your heart rate in the fat-burning zone and strengthen your entire body from the inside out.  Regardless of your fitness level you will be coached on proper form and exercise safety so you can HIT the challenge and improve your fitness.  Class finishes with core specific exercises and functional stretching to balance the mind and body, energizing you for the entire day.

BodyPump™   (I)  
From Les Mills USA, a not-to-miss muscle challenge! Great for all fitness levels because you determine your intensity. BodyPump is an energizing hour of group weight training using barbells, weight plates and cutting edge music. You'll have your own personal station and will work intensely from head to toe. This class will change the shape of your body!

BodyStep™   (I)
Also from Les Mills USA, BodyStep™ is the energizing step workout that makes you feel liberated and alive. Using a height adjustable step and simple movements on, over and around the step you get huge motivation from sing-a-long music and high energy instructors. Cardio blocks push fat burning systems into high gear followed by muscle conditioning tracks that shape and tone your body. (no weights are used in this class)

B-360 (Ballast Ball-360)
A total mind/body workout that targets core strength and functionality with innovative variations of movement, power, strength and flexibility.  You will learn fundamental strength and core power through cross-fiber training with the Ballast Ball, light weights, dynabands and cardiovascular training.  The 360 degree approach is a powerful new way of achieving your fitness goals and will change the way you are feeling and thinking about your workout.

Cardio Mix  (I, II)
The workout that combines the best of both of Step and HiLo!  A 1/2 & 1/2 format that focuses completely on cardio for the entire hour, finishing with a great stretch.  If deciding is difficult for you, join the mix.

Core/Ball (15 minutes)
Sweet and intense!  Pure abdominal core work focusing on the abdominal and low back muscles incorporating the Ballast Balls for increased intensity and range of motion.. A must for anyone wanting to improve torso strength, endurance and posture. Your entire fitness program will benefit from this time-efficient commitment!

C.U.T.  (I, II)
Join the C.U.T. "Concentrated Urban Training" for the newest in interval workouts. You'll move aerobically from exercise to exercise using your own weights and station.  Lifting, pumping, jumping and lunging this class is coached like a personal training session.  With several training philosophies integrated you’ll be in for a one of a kind internally focused workout. Start from the inside, learn how it works and see the C.U.T. on the outside.

An indoor cycling class designed for all fitness levels. The instructor leads the class on different "rides"...intervals, going up and down hills, sprints, endurance, etc. while emphasizing great technique all to motivating music! Most classes are 45 minutes and include a stretch at the end.

Functional Interval Training is the ultimate cross training/interval class that uses a variety of equipment:  BOSU, steps, weights and bands.  Get ready to revolutionize your workout.

Flow (Vinyasa) Yoga
All levels are welcome to this class, including those who are new to Yoga as well as seasoned practitioners.  This breath synchronized movement class will encourage each student to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or exhale. The class will also focus on balancing poses, core development and strength and breath awareness.  The wish is for each person who attends class, leaves feeling calm, invigorated, balanced and happy.

Forever Fit (I)
This dance-inspired mixed-impact aerobic workout is designed to challenge and motivate all ages who love to move.  Speed of music is slightly slower than our more advanced aerobic-dance classes, so this is a great class for newer exercisers to work on their movement skills.  Workout finishes with muscle conditioning and flexibility training.  Fridays includes B.E.A.M.!t

 Hatha Yoga

A wide range of yoga techniques such as sound (mantra), gestures (mudras), and visualization (bhavana), in addition to postures, breathing and meditation will be.  Yoga Sutras, practical application to modern lifestyles and explanation of yoga symbols are emphasized.  Classes are taught step-by-step in an interactive lecture format.  Sessions are spontaneously adapted to meet the needs, context and experience level of the students attending.  No external music is used.

HiLo Challenge (III)
Fast-pace, mixed-impact aerobics for people who love HiLo and enjoy the challenge of mastering more difficult choreography.  Class emphasizes coordination, variations of impact, precision, technique and best of all...aerobic intensity with anaerobic bursts.

HiLo Dance (III)
A multi-impact cardio challenge---signature class of Kari Anderson. This workout is a mix of classic HiLo and dance….up-tempo and choreography intense. All moves progress from basic steps into advanced and challenging combinations, full of directional movement, turns and jumps...a mental/physical journey and well worth the effort.

KickIt!  (Kickboxing) (I)
A one hour, empowering, mixed martial arts based, high energy workout that will not only inspire the warrior within, but kick you into the best shape you have ever been.  KickIt! delivers interval power / cardio training combining attacks and defenses* from Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai and more with 10 energizing music-driven Rounds programmed to motivate you to go the distance and win the best fight of your life.       *KickIt! is not a self defense class.

Pilates Mat
This class is a mind-body workout, influenced and designed to link movements into a flowing series of exercises.  This full body workout will develop strong trunk musculature, overall flexibility and endurance.

REACH™  (75 minutes)
Verb defined:  To extend in dimension or scope

Experience this flowing mix of ballet-inspired movement and exercises for an energetic method of improving total-body strength, balance/stability, flexibility and posture.  This popular hybrid workout focuses on using the ultimate fitness tools: body, floor and space.  From standing to floor you’ll be challenged in unique ways that will affect the way you stand and move every day. REACH combines a creative mix of training techniques, including aspects of yoga and Pilates, for a unique release of energy all it’s own.

Step Challenge  (II, III)
Many of your favorite basic Step moves are taken to the next level of intensity and creativity. Enjoy this energetic, cardio- focused method of training which may include rhythm variations, directional changes, stomps and turns--a mental and physical challenge.

Everyone should experience the new (yet old) wave of fitness. A peaceful class geared towards developing quality of movement, increased coordination, flexibility and strength. A great way to relieve stress, challenge your mind and your body.

An energetic and fun workout using various yoga practice components including basic yoga postures, dynamic flow, balances and relaxation. Arm balances might be introduced. Recommended for all levels. Bring water.

Zumba®  (I)
The newest, hottest class to hit the world fitness scene! Zumba is an energetic hour that combines both cardio and body sculpting into one dynamic workout. With easy-to-follow dance steps mainly derived from Latin music the class fuses Latin and international rhythms with fast and slow beats to create a routine that tones and sculpts while burning fat. The party like atmosphere will rejuvenate your heart, body and soul.

Equipment Note:

Ballast Ball™  (Used in some classes)
The Ballast Ball is all about functional training and strengthening the core in ways.  You can do all the exercises associated with the stability balls plus a whole lot more. What makes the Ballast Ball different from a regular stability ball is the dynamic weight inside. The weight keeps the ball stable when it is on the ground, but adds challenge when you lift, shake or roll it.  This shifting weight forces you to use your core and stabilizer muscles to keep the body static as the weight pulls you in the opposite direction.

BEAM™   (Used in some classes)
Total body intensity occurs when stabilization and movement intersect!  An unique blend of barefoot full-body training on a linear, cushioned beam resulting in a concentrated workout where immediate body adjustments must be made. Utilizing multiple training philosophies you will work from your core to your ends. Discover a new mindful connection and intensity with how you train, how you stand, how you move, and how you live. Beaming™Deeply intense for all levels